Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mountain To The Sea Trail 03/20/10

View at Devil's Courthouse
Parking area for Devil's Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway, elevation 5700 ft. The Parkway is still closed due to snow and ice, so we hiked here from Hwy 215 on the Mountain To The Sea trail.
Sky alerting to another hiker approaching, she is very attentive on the trail and always lets me know when other hikers are close by.
Pictures above and the next 2 sets are from our hike today. Since the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed due to snow and ice still on the ground at this elevation, we decided to try a trail from Hwy 215 that is part of the Mountain To The Sea trail system. There is a series of trails both thru wonderful natural areas in Western North Carolina, and incorporated green ways and small town Main streets that will take you all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, some 400 + miles across North Carolina. A good deal of the trail in my area runs parallel to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and at times runs together with other area trails. Sky, Joe and I are so fortunate to live in this area with so much natural beauty, no matter the time of year. And hikes like this make for a very tired puppy, and we all know a tired Weimaraner is a very good Weimaraner!Posted by Picasa

Mountain To The Sea Trail 03/20/10

A fellow hiker on the trail agreed to take this photo of Sky and I
Sky at the observation platform of the Devil's Courthouse.
Just prior to the previous photo, Sky jumped up on the retaining wall, with a sheer drop on the far side. After I recovered from my near heart attack (I think it spooked her as well), her lead wisely went back on!
This was my first visit to Devil's Courthouse. It is a steep 1/2 mile walk from the parking area off the Parkway to this observation platform, where you can view peaks in GA, SC, NC, and TN, even my very favorite hiking area, Max Patch some 40 miles away.Posted by Picasa

Mountain To The Sea Trail 03/20/10

Still snow at this elevation, 5200 - 5700 ft
Sky is very brave walking across this log bridge
It feels so good to be out on a hike again
Our car is parked down on that road. . .
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Win photo from Charleston KC show Jan 30, 2010. Sky earned a 4 pt major going WB, BOW, and BOS to her sire Parker. This is Sky's first major and is owner handled. It was so much fun to have old friends and new there to support us, thank you all.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sky at Max Patch Mar 2010

Sky and I took a hike up at Max Patch today, snow depths ranged from a few inches to 4-5 feet. Sky is a happy dog getting to play today
What was that? Could it have been a bird?
Airborn Sky, kicking up the snow. Sky went up over the ridge, then came flying back down to me, I was lucky to get this shot as I was in 3 + ft of snow at the time trying to reach the ridge
Sky has grown up in recent months and is changing from our funny puppy into a beautiful adult. Don't be deceived though, she still keeps us on our toes!
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