Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flat Laurel Creek Trail Oct 24 2010

Sky checking out the wonderful smells in the fields going up toward Sam Knob and the Flat Laurel Creek trails. Lots of sign of deer bedding down and scat from the various animals that make the Shining Rock Wilderness area their home
We took a lunch break late today, Sky had a jumbone, and I had a roast "beast" sandwich w/flaming Frito's (sorry, joke from our "how to survive in the wilderness" skill class I took - did you know you can start a fire with a Frito??) Sky finished her treat first and was patiently waiting on me to get ready to go on down the trail
Sky noticed something in the creek when we crossed the first time, not sure what it was, but she thought she needed it. Good nose, Sky!
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hemphill School and old Store

On the way home from Purchase Knob we stopped by this refurbished school, Hemphill School established in 1847. My mom had fun ringing in the school bell. It was a very neat building, with a pulley system to close the front gate. Very ingenious folks way back in the day!
This old country store is less than a mile from our house, interesting sign of times past. It's hard to read in this photo, but appears the main sign advertised shoes, and the proprietor was an A Moody! Not relations that we know of!
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Purchase Knob, Oct 23 2010

Purchase Knob use to be privately owned and was turned over by the owning family to the US Park Service to be used as a research facility to study the diverse ecosystem in this area of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
Drove up today for the first time with my parents visiting from SC to see some of the fall foliage at 5000 ft, and to check out this area.

Short walk to Ferguson's cabin, an original cabin to the area

The dogs, my parents Jill, Sheba, and Sky taking the drag spot stretching their legs for a minute. Dogs are not technically allowed on the trails off lead - rules for the Park are in force here.

Sky on porch at Ferguson's cabin. She is looking at a flock of lady bugs. If you have ever lived in this area, lady bug infestations are common this time of year in old cabins (and newer ones!) Hard to believe these little bugs of nursery rhymes can be so annoying . . . they can be everywhere in your home, car, body, etc. in very short time. Sky did not sit long for this photo before she was overwhelmed with the little creatures.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is Sky???

Sky playing in the woods beside our house - she has great camouflage and blends in with the background, a good reason to wear a bell or blaze orange out on hikes.
Come out, come out, where ever you are says Sky to the ground squirrel. . .
George monitors all hunts in "his" woods. Being Sky's BFF (best feline friend), Sky gets permission to hunt on the same grounds as George. Good boy, George!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

CH Hibourne's It's All About Me "Parker"

Congrats to Sky's sire, Parker and owners Steve and Bonnie Lane on his recent Sporting Group 3 placement at the Westbury KC show. Way to go Steve and Parker! Posted by Picasa

Linda sends Sky a new lead!

Thanks Linda for Sky's new obedience lead, it is beautiful and classy. I know it will bring us good luck and we will have lots of fun using it! Linda sent this to us as a birthday present, makes it worth getting older!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Savi & Jam "go to place"

This great photo of Linda Hartheimer's Savi (Clay x Trixie) and Sky's sister Jam (Parker x Trixie) was taken during a training session at her friends, Kathy Santos, new training center. Love the colors, it's hard to believe the photo was shot with her phone!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sky at Graveyard Fields 10-17-10

We went to Graveyard Fields to get in a niced hike and enjoy the fall foliage. At this elevation it is past the peak but still beautiful. There were 100's of people it seemed like near the falls and in the parking area, but was still peaceful once we were on the back ridge trail.
Sky was wondering what was taking me so long, she always ready to go and enjoyed our 4 1/2 mile hike very much. The weather was perfect, low 60's and bright sunshine.
Sky made lots of friends along the way, always polite and several folks commented on how well behaved she was, particularly when we were near the water and parking area.
This photo was taken at the same spot where Linda, Jam, Trixie, Sky and I all took a break on her visit to us last summer. Sky and I had a rest and let a group of folks with 5 dogs pass us and get on down the trail.
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Joe & Deb vacation in Maine Sept 2010

Joe & Deb with friends Anne & Furman Owen vactioned in Maine in Septemeber, while Sky and George enjoyed a week at Creature Comforts (well, Sky enjoyed, George wasn't so sure about being in a kennel setting to start with, but he warmed up. Lot of lobster was consumed during our week near Acadia National Park.
The whale watching trip was a huge success, seeing 8 separate Fin Whales, though catching one on the camera proved to be challenging. We also saw numerous seals and birds on the 3 hr boat trip.
This sign in New Brunswick Canada really caught our attention. . .
Very pictuesque harbor on Desert Island, Maine. Much of the island is incorporated into Acadia National Park, but there are many sections that are privately owned. We enjoyed our stay in this part of the country very much, the only thing missing was Sky!
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TWC Retrieving Ratings Oct 2010

The Tarheel Weim Club held a Retrieving Rating at the home of members Carol and Charles Parron in Clayton NC on October 3, 2010. They open up the grounds for practice on Saturday to get ready for the rating on Sunday. Sky during practice on Sat, waiting for the bird thrower to take postion.

During the rating on Sunday, Sky is eager if nothing else, unfortunately a pass was not in her future for this day. She ran like she was shot from a cannon, did a great pick up on the bird, came in about 5 feet, dropped the bird, looked at me, and decided she would get it ready for the pot by plucking. . . bad, bad Sky. Back to work on her recall, but I was thrilled with her enthusiasm and during Sat. practice going right into the water and doing several wonderful retrieves. Sky is a work in progress, but we always have fun together.
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Max Patch Hike Oct 9-David, Kat, Sky

Our son David and his fiancee Kat came for a visit early October and a hike to Max Patch, one of our favorite places. The leaves were beginning to turn, and was a real treat for Kat who grew up in California.
Sky and Deb at the Rhodendron tunnel
A very tired Sky after her hike, a tired Weim is a good Weim!
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More from Colorado Trip

Pam and two of her wonderful Golden Retrievers on the "back 40"

Pam had 10 puppies born shortly before I arrived, as we went straight to Estes Park when she picked me up, this was the first time I saw them. They were the most amazing, sweet pups, and started standing and barking just before I left to come home. She had to count them carefully as I was threatening to spirit on on the plane with me.
Amazing sunrises from Pam's porch. . .

And just a few minutes earlier. . .

Trip to Colorado August 2010 - No Sky, but lot's of dogs

My brother Michael with his two girls, Emma and Rachel. I always try to visit with them on my trips out west.
Flyway Goldens, my sister Pam's "herd". This shot was taken in front of her house, she lives on 40 acres in north central Colorado near the town of Greeley. Yes, after a few days I could tell them apart, but this was right after she and I returned from our trip to Estes Park and there are several young ones in this group I had yet to meet. They love to run and it is a beautiful sight to see their golden coats against the green of the hay fields.

Pam and I always have loved horses and were thrilled to have the chance to ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was just the two of us and a wrangler named Joe, we had a blast and saw some gorgeous country.

Pam and I after arriving at Gem Lake. It's about a 2 1/2 mile hike, but 1000 ft elevation gain. We made this hike many years ago so it was on our bucket list to do once again! I'm glad to say we survived, and even made the horse back ride the following day. Of course, the hot tub at the resort we stayed at did help!

I love hiking the Appalachians at home, but the Colorado Rockies are striking and beautiful in a very different way. I love them both and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy East and West mountains.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sky & Mia at Cedar Rock Park Aug 2010

After showing in Greensboro toward the end of August, we finished up early enough to take Mia and Sky for a run in Cedar Rock Park, Burlington, NC. When Joe & I lived in Burlington I tracked, hiked and swam my dogs in this park regularly. In fact, our foundation bitch, Misty, is buried here. I have a photo very similar to this one of Misty and her son, Dusty taken on this very spot back in 1984!
Sky and Mia enjoyed playing in Rock Creek to cool off. We were impressed both the girls waded right in, but wasn't quite deep enough for a swim. Isn't it nice to have Weimaraners with great coats so we can go play in the middle of a show circuit without having to worry about messing up our grooming!
Sky and Mia are so good together, they love to run and play in the woods, and stop for a quick cool off and drink.
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