Monday, June 28, 2010

Sky - Asheville KC June 2010

Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain TD RN JH NSD V went BOW/BOS at the Asheville Kennel Club on June 12, 2010. Sky has now earned 7 points toward her breed championship, including one of the required two majors. Our next shows aren't until end of July, so in the mean time we will try to keep cool and continue to work on agility and swimming (and of course she helps us by pointing out the chipmunks the cat brings in the doggie door to turn loose in our bathroom - without Sky indicating them, they could set up housekeeping!)
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27 2010- Hike w/Sky @ Max Patch

2010-06-27 - litefoot - Picasa Web Albums

Sky and I finally had an opportunity to go out for a few hours today to our favorite place, Max Patch. We explored a new trail, saw lots of wildflowers and listened to the bees buzzing on the red clover, woodpecker working for lunch, and birds calling. Sky spent lots of time off the trail hunting and she cooled down taking a swim in a spring fed pond - good Sky, she's going in on her own now. The pond was full of green bullfrogs that darted away upon approach!

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More Pics from the Natl's May 2010

Deb & Sky moving for Ms Colan.

Sky w/Bonnie Lane who showed her in the Sweeps and bred/owns Hibourne's It's All About Me aka Parker, Sky's sire. Sky loves Bonnie and showed oh so well for her.
On my way home, I stopped at the National Fire Fighters Memorial. The site was mentioned to me by Rob and Trudy while visiting at the Nationals. It is an inspiring place, they update daily information on any firefighters who have lost their lives on duty. It's good to know there is a place where these men and women are remembered for there sacrifice.
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