Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alzheimer's Walk at Lake Junaluska Sept 2013

Sky and I participated in the Haywood County fundraiser for Alzheimer's research today at Lake Junaluska.  The group raised almost $21,000 today!

Walkers at the lake, they were several dogs walking today too, including pretty little Elly Mae, a 4 mos old English Setter.

It was a beautiful day at the lake today where the walk took place.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mica goes swimming 9-8-13

Mica carrying her dummy

We like to start a puppy by carrying them out in the water and letting them swim to shore.  Our local pond had a big drop off so we didn't take Mica out very far this first time.

Sky says "swim, Mica, swim".  We did this several times and she showed interest in following Sky back in the water, but wasn't quite ready yet.  A few more intro's to water and she will be swimming like an olympian we are sure!
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stack pics of Mica 9 1/2 to 16 weeks of age.

Mica 9 1/2 weeks

Mica - 11 weeks of age

Mica - 12 weeks

Mica 13 weeks

Mica 14 weeks

Mica 16 weeks - our 4 mos old little girl is growing up
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Mica goes in for 16 wk titers 9-5-13

The staff at North Asheville Animal Hospital are wonderful, they strive to ensure their patients have the best possible experience.  Mica is getting lots of treats prior to having her blood drawn for her parvo and distemper titers.  After receiving a series of 2 vaccinations for these diseases, if she has developed antibodies there will be no need for additional shots.  She, like Sky, is checked annually for antibodies, if immunity is low, vaccines are given then.

Can you say "pitiful puppy"?

As a treat after her "ordeal" at the vet's, Mica got to go on a walk around Lake Junaluska, a 2.25 mile level walk around a beautiful lake in the Waynesville area.  We paused for a photo opp with St Francis.
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Sage and Mica at Cabin Flats, Sept 1, 2013

Mica got a good work out trying to keep up with Sky on this 3 mi walk

The old cabin is tumbling down but a good photo opp

Mica cooling off in the creek, she doesn't hesitate to pad right thru shallow water, good girl!

Sky and Mica

Good girls to pose for the picture.  Mica is 4 mos, Sky 5 yrs.
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Misc pics from August 2013- Sky, Mica, George

Sky and Mica, we have a very similar picture of Sage and Sky at the top of the steps with Sky was about this size.

Sky and Mica enjoying some marrow bones on the deck

Mica loves George!

not sure the feeling is mutual lol!

George doesn't always win each battle, but will always win the war!  They do get along beautifully and the cat is beginning to invite play with Mica.  They are such good friends.
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Mica starts tracking August 2018

Mica's first time tracking.  It is great to start a young puppy in this sport and Mica seemed to take to it very well.

Look Mom, I found the glove (and goodies)!

The trick with puppies is to keep the tracks short and very motivational.  This is a game they can play for life and you want to start with a good foundation.

Mica is already beginning to pull into the harness and keep her nose down.  These beginning tracks were straight line with multiple food drops and 10 - 30 yds long.
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