Sunday, April 29, 2012

Morning in the Mtns - walk near Lake Logan

Snapped this shot of Sky this morning before meeting Susan to walk a fire road near Lake Logan.  This was taken on the road in front of our house where we amble morning and evening.

There is a very interesting old family cemetary near where we started today's hike, many buried here lost their lives in WWI

Sky enjyed a nice roll in the grass after our 6.8 mile walk, we all sat around for about an after returning to the cars just enjoying the beautiful day and peaceful surroundings.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lake Logan & Roadside Art

Beautiful Lake Logan on a misty, rainy day.  Lake Logan covers the old saw mill community of Sunburst, where many lived and worked in the early 1900's when logging was prevalent in our beautiful mountains.

On the way to our hike today I noticed this wondrful art work on the side of a barn along hwy 215.  Had to stop and take a picture to show that you just never know what will be around the next curve when spending time in our wonderful community.
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Sunburst Area Hike April 26, 2012

Ghost Dog Sky, running on the ridge near the Black Bear Sanctuary in Haywood County.

Today's hike with our friend Susan and her dogs Rizzie and Bandit took us up USFS Road 97 near the Sunburst Campground on Hwy 215.  It was a wonderful 5 mi hike between thunder storms this afternoon, the thundering was rumbling all around us but we stayed dry.  Sky is playing in the pool by the Little Beartrap Waterfall

Susan with Rizzie and Bandit taking a break near the waterfall.

It was a wonderful day spent in the woods, it was cool and green with wildflowers everywhere, and mist hanging in the woods.  We took a chance on the weather and were rewarded with some beautiful scenery.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiger Kitty - George on the prowl

Bird's eye view for the tiger kitty

I am Cat, hunter without equal!

No calling the fire department for getting this nimble hunter out of the tree. . . goes where he pleases.

George, you are the best!
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Daniel Ridge Loop Trail April 17, 2012

This trail was suggested to us by a person in a backpacker store in Brevard NC, and they did not steer us wrong.  It was a beautiful hike, with lots of water for Sky to cool off in and refresh.

Sky likes to cool down in the creeks and check out the edges for interesting smells.

This is Wake Robin Trillium, one of the signature flowers in the Smoky Mountains.  We came across a small patch of these, and also saw many other wonderful wildflowers.  Spring in the Smokies always provides something new around every bend.

Toms Springs Fall is just a short walk from the Daniels Ridge Loop Trail.  It is beautiful and very cooling.

Sky and I met these very nice mountain bikers and their dog Avery while we were enjoying the view of Toms Springs Fall.  We visited a few minutes, and Sky saw them on their way down the trail, then came back for us to finish our walk together.  Good girl Sky!
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George - Sky's Best Feline Friend

Sky was relaxing on the foot stool when George decided to join her for a little relaxing bonding time, which Sky was cool with until I pulled out the camera. . . 

She was concerned what her other canine pals might think for being so cozy with the "enemy", so she jumped off and acted very nonchalant, George understood as only your best friends will.
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Dupont State Forest near Brevard Apr 15 2011

I am not a water person so think this kayaker is crazy, but I am told by folks who enjoy this sport that while an incredible rush, actually a pretty safe move to go over 15 foot Hooker Falls.  Yeah, go ahead and try to convince me; however several of the brave souls did it twice. . . I'll stick to the thrill of dog showing thank you very much!

Sky enjoyed watching the people watching the kayakers. . .

and she had time to take a little swim to cool down, it was an amazingly warm day for mid April in mountains. 

Sky and I at Triple Falls, was taken by a friend of mine, not sure why I could not enlarge it without going fuzzy, think our system don't gee haw very wll, but loved the pic so am posting anyway
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Agility Shots from Easter weekend 2012

Photographer Dean Lake snapped this super shots last weekend, if she is ever at an event you attend, be sure to check out her photo's, she does a super job.  She is scheduled to be taking pictures at the obedience ring at the Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Show held in beautiful Haywood County NC
mid June

An unusual shot but it really appeals to me, Sky is so athletic. 

Flying up the A frame!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sky earns JWW title!

Sky and I attended the agility trials hosted by the Greater Columbia Obed Club on Easter weeked, and took advantage of the location to spend some time with my parents in Irmo.  Sky ran in Open Standard for the first time, and while no Q's, she handled so beautifully for me on some of the most difficult portions of the courses I was thrilled.  Novice Jumpers was another story, she was wonderful, except for weave pole baubles that we were aware of going into this weekend, she gave me super performances and earned her JWW title with one 1st and two 2nd place finishes.  I am so proud of Sky and have so much fun with her in the ring.  I was even interviewed by the local TV station which ran a spot on the trial on Sat night, the reporter said Sky was so beautiful and graceful she wanted her to be on TV!  Good eye, reporter lady! 
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hike on 3/31/12 - Pink Beds

We returned to Frying Pan Mtn fire tower on Sat to retrieve my favorite lead that I had left there last Tues, and much to my delight it was indeed there, still tied to the tree where I had left it.  The wind was blowing and Sky is pictured above "protecting" me from a trash bag tied to a piece of fencing behind the building housing the radio equipment for the USFS.  Silly girl, Sky!

I decided to go back to the Pisgah Inn to pick up a picnic lunch, and when I got out of the car there was this gentleman from Denver CO playing the bagpipes!  I enjoyed listening to him and chatting about my old home town. If I can figure out how to put a video on my blog, I will add so you can hear the music lol!

The Pink Beds trail is 5 miles long, and is a nice loop trail ordinarily; however, part of the trail is closed for some construction where beavers have altered the terrain.  We were still able to make a "reverse 9" loop our of the trail.  This is a hike I have not taken before, it is very popular during the summer season since it is near a great picnic area and is reasonably flat.  The terrain is varied, with open forest area, pockets of open fields, and several stream crossings.

This boardwalk has been rebuilt recently, again due to the beaver activity.

Sky enjoyed wading in the South Mills River and cooling off.  The temps were in the 70's and sunny for most of our walk.  This trail is open to mtn biking and dogs can be off lead from Sept to early April.  Several groups of bikers passed up, and I have to say they were so polite and embraced the concept of sharing the trail with others.  Sky and I were respectful of them as well, it is wonderful when we all get along enjoying to out of doors!

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