Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sky and her Whippet friend, Fergus April 2013

Sky met a new friend, Whippet, Fergus, when his owner Sara came up to check out some potential lure coursing grounds

Fergus and Sky were having a blast

Fergus was very polite and let Sky run in front

A tired Weim is a good Weim!
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Family visit Colorado and South Carolina

My niece from Colorado, Melissa, came to visit this Spring, enjoying watching Joe cook are Melissa, Jill, Sheba, and Sky's grammy, by Mom.

Mom & Dad relaxing before dinner, it's so nice to have them come up for a visit.

Melissa, Sky and I took a hike up at Max Patch, one of our favorite places

Sky climbing stairs up the crest, near the Appalachian Trail

Melissa can now say she's hiked the AT (or a part of it anyway).  Melissa does a good bit of hiking in her home state of Colorado, she was impressed with all the oxygen we have here lol!
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Agility success at the Nat'ls in Perry GA April 2013

We had a marvelous time in Perry at the 2013 WCA Nationals, and some successful agility runs.  Sky completed her AXJ title and earned her first AX leg.  This is dog and handler's first time running at the excellent/master level and it has been both fun and challenging.  We met some great new friends and saw many long time buddies, I would recommend a trip to the nationals to everyone!
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Visiting in Columbia SC- April 2013

Sky and I visited my parents in Columbia SC early April on our way to the WCA Nationals.  We visited Saluda Shores State Park and had a great run between visiting and running agility!  Beautiful azalea blooming.

Something has caught Sky's attention.

Saluda River
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Spring Tracking Training, and celebrating success!

Sky tracking in fresh spring grass

Her reward for successfully completing the track was playing with an article.

Greyhound imitation!

This pic reminds me of a pring by Paul Doyle, "Quicksilver"

Sky loves to run!
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New pup in the neighborhood!

Our neighbors just down the road recently added a new St Bernard puppy to their family.  His name is Doc Holliday, and Sky thinks he is pretty cool.
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mild winter, very little snow Mar 2013

We had very little snow this winter, most of it came in March.  Our spring was wonderfully cool and prolonged.
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St Eustatius Feb 2013 - our Caribbean Holiday!

The Fort on the island, aka "Statia".  This is a Dutch Island in the Windward Islands, (go to Puerto Rico and turn left from the states).

Walking down the goat path from upper town to lower town.

Joe and our host Furman enjoying the view on the old slave path leading from lower town to the main town.  Statia was the first place to recognize the United States during the revolutionary war as a sovereign state!

Dinner out, Joe, Deb, Furman, Nan, and Anne - what a wonderful time we had.  The only thing missing was Sky!

View from upper town.

View from the shower, and no, I'm not kidding!

This is what I looked and felt like after walking into the crater of the volcano on the island, but is was well worth it!

Fresh caught spiny lobster on our friends back porch, it doesn't get much better than this.

Debbie, Rico and Ian, sadly on the day we left.  Ian travels from the states to the island with Anne and Furman, and Rico looks after their place on Statia when they are not there.

Good-Bye Statia, til next time!
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Cold day dog walk - Feb 2013

We actually came across a ground hog, akc woodchuck in the NE, that was slow to pop into his den and gave me time to snap a shot, we were across a ravine from him which probably made him a little braver.

There was no snow on the ground this day but the temps were in the teens, Sky's hand me down coat from Sage felt pretty good to her.
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More than just agility. . .

When we go to agility trials in Pendleton SC we take advantage of great walking trails there.  These were taken in Feb 2013

Sunset out walking in the Clemson Experimental Forest

Stopped on the way home at Campbells Covered Bridge just north of Greenville SC.  Have seen the sign for years and had time this afternoon to go see it!

Very cool structure, one of the few covered bridges in the state.

Sky on the wishing well. . .  probably wishing she could get down!
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Sky's acupuncture treatment

Sky injured her neck running agility in Concord in Nov, we didn't realize it until she came up lame at her next trial.  Off to see Dr. Tammy in Dillsboro for massage and acupuncture, with electrical stimulation.  This and a trip to the doggie chiropractor made her right as rain.  We are so fortunate to have a pain specialist in our area!
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Joe turns 66 - hello social security!

Joe receive some really intersting gifts for his 66th, and being the good sport he is, agreed to model.

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