Monday, July 9, 2012

Max Patch July 2012

Warm days, arrived at Max Patch with Sky to walk at 6:30 am, and it was already 68 degrees
The sun was well up when we got to the top but it was beautiful still

Good girl Sky for checking in!

Morning ground fog is always amazing here, not only beautiful, but a great way to observe air currents and how it might effect scent

Someone placed a flag on one of the markers for the AT (Appalachian Trail), that goes across the top of Max Patch. From here you are looking into the TN mountains as well as NC.

Great rock for photo op!

Coming out of one of my all time favorite rhoddedendron tunnels, something has caught Sky's attention. She also flushed a wild turkey on this morning's walk.
Coming out of the forest, passed a wagon train with at least 8 wagons and some riders on horseback. There is really no telling where this group started from. I didn't get the opportunity to talk to them, but all the folks smiled and waved and we wished each other a good morning!

Nice looking mule team!
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Rough Butt Knob Trail, Shining Rock Wilderness Area July 2012

Varied terrain on this trail, mostly shaded, but very overgrown in places this summer, lots of water for the dogs, always a good thing! We left one car at the end point near Sunburst, and the other on the BR Parkway, so most of the hike was downhill.

There is a lovely grassy meadow about 2 miles into the walk, use to be a logging camp. Someone has found some old metal and put it to good use to keep wood dry for a future camp.

About a mile of the trail was fairly steep, narrow, and damp, really had to concentrate on our footing on this section to prevent a serious tumble. The less pleasant parts of a trail always makes you appreciate the good parts even that much more!

River crossing at Laurie's Falls on the Big Beartrap Creek. The water was really down, but felt wonderful after about 5 miles of walking.

Overlook where we started our hike.

Area of the Wilderness that the trail went thru.
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sky's Box Turtle

Sky hunted on the bank behind the house earlier this week until she came up with this your box turtle. She was very gentle and brought it right to me; however, given enough time she likes to try to chew on their shells.
I decided to give the little turtle a break and put him in the agility yard. The cat came to investigate but was not nearly as impressed with him as Sky was. Overnight he (it??) made it's escape, to be hunted up again another day I am sure lol!
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Early Morning walks at Lake Junaluska - June 2012

Looking back at the bridge on the dam side of the lake just before sunrise.
All the ducks are in a row, attending to their morning grooming. Note the upturned duck butt in the background, several ducks were feeding in the shallows
The thing I love most about walking at Lake Junaluska is the scenery is never the same. These shots were taken as the sun was coming up and ground fog burning off.
My brother was right, we really do live in paradise!
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Sky pics from June 2012

Sky w/Rocky Racoon
Relaxing with the watermelon as a pillow, sweet dreams Sky!
Sky looking regal among the roses at Lake Junaluska, the groundkeepers at the assembly do a marvelous job.
Princess Sky on her bed of rose petals (someone else had scattered these on the bench, thought they would look good with her)
Sky found a duck next complete with sitting hen on one of our morning walks!
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Memorial Day Hike 5/28/2012

Susan and I had planned to take a hike on Memorial Day and celebrate Sky's 4th birthday on the trail; however, Sky was in season so she had to stay at home for this one. Picture above was taken off the Ivestor Gap trail looking back at Sam Knob, with the morning ground fog burning off.
I loved this trail for the diversity of terrain it covered, everything from open fields with long range views to spooky Rhoddodendron tunnels, creek crossings, and wooded grasslands.
Wonderful swimming hole at the first creek crossing. This is Greasy Cove Prong, flowing into the East Fork of the Pigeon River. All water that flows out of Haywood County originates within the county.
This was the easy creek crossing, as you can see, not very deep at all, but that didn't keep me from slipping on a wet rock and falling on my behind. Luckily I didn't stay down long and my camera in my pocket was no worse for the wear and tear.
This was a first for me and Susan, we had never seen anyone take their ferret for a walk in the woods before! It seemed to enjoy the outing, but I was glad she had a good tight harness on it, would not have been easy to recover had it gotten loose.
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