Sunday, July 1, 2012

Memorial Day Hike 5/28/2012

Susan and I had planned to take a hike on Memorial Day and celebrate Sky's 4th birthday on the trail; however, Sky was in season so she had to stay at home for this one. Picture above was taken off the Ivestor Gap trail looking back at Sam Knob, with the morning ground fog burning off.
I loved this trail for the diversity of terrain it covered, everything from open fields with long range views to spooky Rhoddodendron tunnels, creek crossings, and wooded grasslands.
Wonderful swimming hole at the first creek crossing. This is Greasy Cove Prong, flowing into the East Fork of the Pigeon River. All water that flows out of Haywood County originates within the county.
This was the easy creek crossing, as you can see, not very deep at all, but that didn't keep me from slipping on a wet rock and falling on my behind. Luckily I didn't stay down long and my camera in my pocket was no worse for the wear and tear.
This was a first for me and Susan, we had never seen anyone take their ferret for a walk in the woods before! It seemed to enjoy the outing, but I was glad she had a good tight harness on it, would not have been easy to recover had it gotten loose.
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