Monday, July 9, 2012

Rough Butt Knob Trail, Shining Rock Wilderness Area July 2012

Varied terrain on this trail, mostly shaded, but very overgrown in places this summer, lots of water for the dogs, always a good thing! We left one car at the end point near Sunburst, and the other on the BR Parkway, so most of the hike was downhill.

There is a lovely grassy meadow about 2 miles into the walk, use to be a logging camp. Someone has found some old metal and put it to good use to keep wood dry for a future camp.

About a mile of the trail was fairly steep, narrow, and damp, really had to concentrate on our footing on this section to prevent a serious tumble. The less pleasant parts of a trail always makes you appreciate the good parts even that much more!

River crossing at Laurie's Falls on the Big Beartrap Creek. The water was really down, but felt wonderful after about 5 miles of walking.

Overlook where we started our hike.

Area of the Wilderness that the trail went thru.
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