Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rough Butt Trail, Jan 29, 2012

Went hiking with our buddy Susan, and her dogs Rissi and Bandit into the Middle Prong Wilderness area in Pisgah National Forest. Yes, it was chilly today, but a really nice walk.

The trail opens into a wonderful meadow, all the dogs had a great time running around and crittering.

Ah, if only that front let was further back! Still a great pic of Sky and the beautiful "Carolina Blue" sky!

Come on Sky, it's time to go back, we will certainly visit this site again.
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Sky earns Novice Agility title Jan 2012

Sky had a great standard run on Sat, notice all 4 feet in the air coming down the A-frame. Sky completed this run with a first place well under standard course time.

Same run on Saturday, love her intensity and drive coming out of the tunnel.

Celebrating a new title whoo hoo~~~~

Great form over the triple! Sky and I are beginning to work as a team, thanks to the help we've gotten from friends and courses set up at Creature Comforts with group run thru's as we are between classes right now.

Another shot of the triple, Go Sky Go. . .

Jan 2012 Hike at Max Patch

Winter view at Max Patch

Susan and her crew came on a hike at one of my favorite places, Max Patch, earlier this month. We have had very little snow this winter, but did find some here.

The Pied Piper, amazing what a few cookies will do!!!! Ris, Bandit, Susan and Sky.
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More Family Holiday 2011

Our son David and his wife Kat came to visit just before Christmas, we had a great time relaxing with them.

Sky thinks Kat is, well, the "cat's meow", she loves Kat and David both is always on climbing on their laps and giving kisses.

This is a limited edition print on canvas that we saw at one of our favorite stores in downtown Waynesville. We hemmed and hawed over it, but then brought it home, the picture does not do it justice. Joe also got me another print by BL Marris of a wolf that is phenomenal, we will be displaying them proudly
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Christmas 2011 at the Moody's

Sky hanging out by the tree at Christmas, there was a gift or two for her under the tree.

For anyone who has watched the movie "Christmas Story", you'll recognize the "leg" lamp, this was a gift for my Dad this year, it is too cool!

Joe and I were fortunate enough to have my folks come up to spend Christmas with us, we always have a great time with them and fabulous food. They bring up their dogs, have a great photo of Sky in bed with her "grandparents", along with George the cat, Jill and Sheba (their pooches), but I would be disowned if I posted in on my blog lol!
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Little East Fork Dec 2011

Hiking last Dec, it is bear hunting season so Sky is wearing her orange visibility vest, can't be too careful

Pictured are Susan, with Bandit and Rissie, new hiking buddies of ours. Susan is amazing and hikes almost daily with her dogs and is showing me many trails I have never been on. We are planning a hike for today, more pictures later I hope.

Sky posing at the sight of an old homestead. It is amazing to think how rough the life was for these folks who often had to walk miles out from their homes to go to jobs logging or at the sawmills, or to visit the company stores for supplies. This was a 6 mi hike for us this day and we were doing it for fun, not a living.
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Sky's Championship Gift

Sky's breeders, Linda Hartheimer (Trixie) and Bonnie Lane (Parker) presented me with this beautiful handbag as a celebration of Sky obtaining her championship in late 2011. It is an actual picture of Sky wearing her "Kentucky Derby Day" hat. I have been carrying it ever since and get daily comments and smiles from folks. Thank you so much Linda and Bonnie for your thoughtfulness!
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