Monday, November 28, 2011

George and Sky Nov 2011

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Sky and George Nov 2011

George the cat and Sky are best of buddies, George gets very upset when Sky goes away for the weekend and leaves him. I think he misses us too, but only because we provide canned food treats when we are at home! Of course, he does think pay back is a good thing when Sky has been gone a few days. . .

Mom, George won't let me past him. . . .

Mom, I can't come down, George won't let me!!!!! Just like siblings, they love each other but also love to aggravate the other.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vacation time w/friends Nov 2011

After finishing Sky, we decided to go visit friends downstate. .. George Moody and his "Buddy" - if the name sounds familiar, our cat is named "George". We've known George since the early 80's, and though it's been many years since we've lived in Burlington NC, going to visit is like going home.

Sky in the "small" pond at Carol & Charlie Parron's wonderful property near Clayton NC. She flushed up a Great Blue Heron and a pair of Mallard's on our early morning walk.

Hostess of the house, Carol taking me on a ride on the Gator down to the Nuese River that borders their property. We also went and checked on the beaver dam and ponds.

Charlie is a crack shot with shotgun and pistol. Joe and Charlie went to his sporting clay club in the morning, and later in the afternoon we had some practice with the pistols. Charlie is watching where the shots are going for any necessary adjustments.

Charlie and Carol are NC State fans w/season tickets to the Wolfpack basketball games. They kindly invited us to go with them to a game, it was a real nail biter with State winning in the last 20 seconds! It was so much fun, a highlight of our vacation!
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Sky NRD Title Oct 2, 2011

Sky qualified for her NRD at the Tarheel Weim Club test on 10/2/11!

Ballet aka the art of throwing birds. The moment of a member being taught the finer aspects of throwing birds for the rating. . . it is an art form! Thanks to Mary Ann and Jessica for demonstrating!
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NEW CHAMPION Nov 12 2011

CH Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain RN JH TD NSD NRD VX

Sky completed the requirements for her championship in Winston Salem handled to her last point by Debbie. Not only did she earn her CH, but this title gave her the necessary points to qualify for her Weim Club of America title Versatile Excellent! And to add icing to the cake, it gave her sire Parker (BISS GrCH Hibournes It's All About Me) the 8th champion to qualify him for Bench Register of Merit! Sky is her dam's Trixie (CH Graytsky's I'm Not Really A Waitress CD RN OA NAJ BROM) her 6th champion to date.

Our friend Suzette Jett with her GrCH CT Nani's Cool Your Jetts (Cool) found a great place to hang out while we waited on Cool to go into the group on Saturday. Sky met a new friend at a dog park, and. . .

we found these super fields to go tracking in! It was quite a day for our girl, and Cool finished it off by going Group 3 piloted by Suzette! Great job Cool and Suzette!

Joe was so excited about Sky finishing, and going BOB the next day, her first time in as a special, earning her 2 pts toward her Grand Championship, that he pulled out all the stops for a celebration meal. I think Sky was downcast since she earned it, but didn't get to eat it lol!

After a busy and eventful weekend, Sky is glad to be back in her own bed to dream about finding gloves and quail. Sleep tight Sky, you earned it!
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Sky's 2nd Major Atlanta Oct 2011

Sky earned her 2nd elusive major being expertly presented by Susan Wise at the Chattahoochee Weim Club specialty in October

Sky adores Susan and she has the skills to bring out the very best in Sky. It is a pleasure to watch them in the ring. Thank you Susan!
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First Agility Leg - Sept 2011

Sky earned her first qualifying score and a first place at our local club's 2nd Agility trial held in Waynesville NC on Sept 25th. She had a clean run in Novice Standard and gave me a great treat for my birthday. Thank you Sky!

To celebrate our upcoming conversion from Wachovia Bank to Wells Fargo Bank (I've worked for 4 different banks now since 1977 thru mergers!) the Wells Fargo full size stage coach made a visit to western North Carolina. It draws quite a crowd and is also used in parades and other special events.
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Colorado Trip August 2011

Arrived in Colorado in time to cheer for my niece Sara and her Golden male Trooper placing 2nd in rally novice after a run off for time for first place. Well done Sara and Trooper!

Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park is one of the most scenic places on earth, we hiked up to Dream Lake one morning to take in the sights and watch the trout in the lake.

Lots of wildlife, we passed these to big elk on the greenway trail while riding. . .

our Segways! It was a blast and a great way to see animals as they are so quiet.

And no trip is complete without playing with some of my sis's Flyway Goldens. This is Zita showing puppy Twist how it is done, it was her first time swimming and she took to it like, well, like a Golden!
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Greenville SC shows July 2011

Sky and Debbie showing in large and lovely open bitch class at shows following the Southern Futurity and Charleston Specialty.

on the move. . .
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July 2011 Linda's Visit South

Sky's breeder, Linda Hartheimer, came down south again this year for the Southern Futurity with Trixie (Sky's dam), littermate Jam, and 1/2 sister Savi. To get the most bang for the buck, Linda came down in time to attend the Tarheel Weim Club agility trial, where Jam earned on open agility title with a placement, and was high scoring Weimaraner at the trial! Jam and Linda, you rock!

After the road trip from New Jersey, the girls were ready to get out and run, we took a hike to Sam Knob and along Flat Laurel Creek, one of my favorite walks.

Savi and Sky really enjoyed each other and played well. Sky and Savi trading tips on how to train their humans!

Sky playing "stone lion" at the marker for the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Sky, Trixie, Linda, Savi and Jam, what pretty girls!
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Sky and Sheba, don't leave home without us!

My parents were leaving to go home after a great visit, their dog Sheba hopped in the trunk to be sure she wasn't left behind, and Sky decided she'd go with them too. Silly girl Sky!
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WB/BOS Asheville KC 6 11 2011

Sky went Winners/Best Opposite Sex at the Asheville KC show in June 2011. Another point closer to that elusive championship!
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June 2011 Flat Laurel Creek

Sky cooling off in Flat Laurel Creek. Note the stacked rocks on either side of her, known as cairns that mark the way of trails, a friend of ours refers to them as "tourist rocks", since folks have a tendency to stack them up not realizing there purpose as markers.

The rhodendron was in full bloom this day, picture is looking at the side of Sam Knob taken from Flat Laurel Creed trail.

Sky came across someone's campsite along the side of the trail and was quite curious!
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