Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vacation time w/friends Nov 2011

After finishing Sky, we decided to go visit friends downstate. .. George Moody and his "Buddy" - if the name sounds familiar, our cat is named "George". We've known George since the early 80's, and though it's been many years since we've lived in Burlington NC, going to visit is like going home.

Sky in the "small" pond at Carol & Charlie Parron's wonderful property near Clayton NC. She flushed up a Great Blue Heron and a pair of Mallard's on our early morning walk.

Hostess of the house, Carol taking me on a ride on the Gator down to the Nuese River that borders their property. We also went and checked on the beaver dam and ponds.

Charlie is a crack shot with shotgun and pistol. Joe and Charlie went to his sporting clay club in the morning, and later in the afternoon we had some practice with the pistols. Charlie is watching where the shots are going for any necessary adjustments.

Charlie and Carol are NC State fans w/season tickets to the Wolfpack basketball games. They kindly invited us to go with them to a game, it was a real nail biter with State winning in the last 20 seconds! It was so much fun, a highlight of our vacation!
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