Sunday, December 11, 2011

Agility Practice at Creature Comforts 12-10-11

Sky showing control coming down the A frame

Nancy Davis giving Sky a stern talking to after she decided to make up her own course, not once but three times. Nancy gave Sky a verbal scolding and she decided not to play for a few minutes; actually pictured above is Sky and Nancy making up, lots of string cheese involved in this process ha ha.

When will it be my turn??????

Pate working the 2 x 2 weave poles, this is one of many methods to teach weave poles, young Pate has done very well with it and always seeks out the entrance to the poles, a habit you want to instill in your agiltiy dog.

Another shot of Pate, he is the 2nd most beautiful dog Nancy has owned since I have known her, the first being her Leap. They are very similar in style and temperament, Nancy will have lots of fun with Pate. He is stunning!
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Sky Dec 1, 2011

We went to check on our rental house in Burnsville NC and took Sky with us last week. She struck this pretty pose in the field behind the house. Too bad there is a building in the background, otherwise would make a great field pose.
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Action Agility Shots Nov 2011

Dean Lake, pro photographer was on hand at the agility trial last weekend and caught some super shots of Sky. While we did not qualify in any of our 4 runs, we improved each time and Sky was quick to respond to my commands (which were too slow lol!) I love the shot above as it shows how athletic Sky is!

Why is it when I was younger and faster my dogs were older and slower, and now that I am older and slower my dog is younger and faster????? Sky showing off great jumping form, me, not so much. . .

Agility Nov 2011

Agility is a great sport, and now that Sky's championship is obtained, we hope to spend more time training and competing. Each time you run the judges provide you with a new and challenging course, above shows handlers walking the course and planning their strategies for a successful run. Each dog is different so what one handler chooses to do, may not work for you and your dog.

Sky patiently waiting for her next run, you are a good dog Sky!

One of the most enjoyable things about competing in agility is the camaraderie. Spouses of friends who are running their dogs are here to provide support, video tape, walk dogs, what ever is needed. Morris, Joe, and David are enjoying the event as much as the participants. I was invited to eat dinner at the camper set up with the Edney's and Davis's on Sat at this trial in Pendleton, SC. The stories and jokes told after dinner by the fire kept us in stitches and was a great way to unwind!
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Thanksgiving with the Fogg's 2011

Steve Fogg and family invited us over once again to share Thanksgiving with them in their new home. This has become an annual tradition and we love the fellowship and food!

Old friends gathered for the feast, Michelle, Penny, Fred, Jeff and Steve are pictured just before the crowd dug in.

And the 4 legged family member was not left out, Ashley with her puppy, Ewah.
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Sky's new Champion Photo's

New Ch Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain JH TD RN NSD NRD VX CGC, what an exciting day this was!

Sky's first time in the ring as a special she goes BOB and earns 2 grand champion points!
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