Thursday, December 1, 2011

Agility Nov 2011

Agility is a great sport, and now that Sky's championship is obtained, we hope to spend more time training and competing. Each time you run the judges provide you with a new and challenging course, above shows handlers walking the course and planning their strategies for a successful run. Each dog is different so what one handler chooses to do, may not work for you and your dog.

Sky patiently waiting for her next run, you are a good dog Sky!

One of the most enjoyable things about competing in agility is the camaraderie. Spouses of friends who are running their dogs are here to provide support, video tape, walk dogs, what ever is needed. Morris, Joe, and David are enjoying the event as much as the participants. I was invited to eat dinner at the camper set up with the Edney's and Davis's on Sat at this trial in Pendleton, SC. The stories and jokes told after dinner by the fire kept us in stitches and was a great way to unwind!
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Linda said...

Love all your pictures & what a nice set up for Sky! Beautiful custom gear bag!