Sunday, December 11, 2011

Agility Practice at Creature Comforts 12-10-11

Sky showing control coming down the A frame

Nancy Davis giving Sky a stern talking to after she decided to make up her own course, not once but three times. Nancy gave Sky a verbal scolding and she decided not to play for a few minutes; actually pictured above is Sky and Nancy making up, lots of string cheese involved in this process ha ha.

When will it be my turn??????

Pate working the 2 x 2 weave poles, this is one of many methods to teach weave poles, young Pate has done very well with it and always seeks out the entrance to the poles, a habit you want to instill in your agiltiy dog.

Another shot of Pate, he is the 2nd most beautiful dog Nancy has owned since I have known her, the first being her Leap. They are very similar in style and temperament, Nancy will have lots of fun with Pate. He is stunning!
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2xthefun said...

Gotta love Chime - she does NOT like to wait for her turn :).