Monday, April 23, 2012

Dupont State Forest near Brevard Apr 15 2011

I am not a water person so think this kayaker is crazy, but I am told by folks who enjoy this sport that while an incredible rush, actually a pretty safe move to go over 15 foot Hooker Falls.  Yeah, go ahead and try to convince me; however several of the brave souls did it twice. . . I'll stick to the thrill of dog showing thank you very much!

Sky enjoyed watching the people watching the kayakers. . .

and she had time to take a little swim to cool down, it was an amazingly warm day for mid April in mountains. 

Sky and I at Triple Falls, was taken by a friend of mine, not sure why I could not enlarge it without going fuzzy, think our system don't gee haw very wll, but loved the pic so am posting anyway
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