Monday, April 9, 2012

Sky earns JWW title!

Sky and I attended the agility trials hosted by the Greater Columbia Obed Club on Easter weeked, and took advantage of the location to spend some time with my parents in Irmo.  Sky ran in Open Standard for the first time, and while no Q's, she handled so beautifully for me on some of the most difficult portions of the courses I was thrilled.  Novice Jumpers was another story, she was wonderful, except for weave pole baubles that we were aware of going into this weekend, she gave me super performances and earned her JWW title with one 1st and two 2nd place finishes.  I am so proud of Sky and have so much fun with her in the ring.  I was even interviewed by the local TV station which ran a spot on the trial on Sat night, the reporter said Sky was so beautiful and graceful she wanted her to be on TV!  Good eye, reporter lady! 
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