Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mica's first week, lot's of first for her July 8-10, 2013

Towel dry after 1st bath

Visiting Debbie's place of work, Wells Fargo Bank, with team mate Sharon.  She was a big hit, and luckily, made no deposits lol.

The family portrait, Joe, Mica, Deb and Sky

Dr Faraday doing a puppy chiropractic adjustment to just get the kinks out.

1st Vet visit, tech at Animal Hospital of N Asheville giving Mica lots of hugs and treats, Mica loves trips to visit her admirers at the vets.  We stopped by this day just for the purpose of letting everyone ooh and aahh and Mica to learn this is where good things happen.

Mica's trip with Debbie to the hairdresser's, thanks Jeanne for letting Mica join me for a shampoo and cut!
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