Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mica goes in for 16 wk titers 9-5-13

The staff at North Asheville Animal Hospital are wonderful, they strive to ensure their patients have the best possible experience.  Mica is getting lots of treats prior to having her blood drawn for her parvo and distemper titers.  After receiving a series of 2 vaccinations for these diseases, if she has developed antibodies there will be no need for additional shots.  She, like Sky, is checked annually for antibodies, if immunity is low, vaccines are given then.

Can you say "pitiful puppy"?

As a treat after her "ordeal" at the vet's, Mica got to go on a walk around Lake Junaluska, a 2.25 mile level walk around a beautiful lake in the Waynesville area.  We paused for a photo opp with St Francis.
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