Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Colorado August 2010 - No Sky, but lot's of dogs

My brother Michael with his two girls, Emma and Rachel. I always try to visit with them on my trips out west.
Flyway Goldens, my sister Pam's "herd". This shot was taken in front of her house, she lives on 40 acres in north central Colorado near the town of Greeley. Yes, after a few days I could tell them apart, but this was right after she and I returned from our trip to Estes Park and there are several young ones in this group I had yet to meet. They love to run and it is a beautiful sight to see their golden coats against the green of the hay fields.

Pam and I always have loved horses and were thrilled to have the chance to ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was just the two of us and a wrangler named Joe, we had a blast and saw some gorgeous country.

Pam and I after arriving at Gem Lake. It's about a 2 1/2 mile hike, but 1000 ft elevation gain. We made this hike many years ago so it was on our bucket list to do once again! I'm glad to say we survived, and even made the horse back ride the following day. Of course, the hot tub at the resort we stayed at did help!

I love hiking the Appalachians at home, but the Colorado Rockies are striking and beautiful in a very different way. I love them both and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy East and West mountains.

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