Saturday, October 9, 2010

Max Patch August 2010

We've been away from posting on Sky's blog for awhile, apologies to those who have been following it faithfully. We've been away traveling and just busy with the job that allows us to do all the fun things we do with Sky in our "real" life!

After being away in Colorado to visit family, Sky and I went for a run at Max Patch, our favorite place here at home. It was fun as always, and good for both of us. Will post more photo's soon, some from our trip to Greensboro to show where I took Jessica to Cedar Rock Park for a good run with the Mia and Sky between shows.
Sky has always loved Max Patch as much as I do. . .
The Autumn flowers are amazing at 4500 ft, and the butterflies take advantage of the food supply late in the season.
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