Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flat Laurel Creek Trail Oct 24 2010

Sky checking out the wonderful smells in the fields going up toward Sam Knob and the Flat Laurel Creek trails. Lots of sign of deer bedding down and scat from the various animals that make the Shining Rock Wilderness area their home
We took a lunch break late today, Sky had a jumbone, and I had a roast "beast" sandwich w/flaming Frito's (sorry, joke from our "how to survive in the wilderness" skill class I took - did you know you can start a fire with a Frito??) Sky finished her treat first and was patiently waiting on me to get ready to go on down the trail
Sky noticed something in the creek when we crossed the first time, not sure what it was, but she thought she needed it. Good nose, Sky!
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sararenee said...

When did Sky and Jam for that matter start to look so grown up? I noticed that about Vera yesterday...
Are you guys planning any hunting trips this year?