Monday, January 18, 2010

TDX Component Training Seminar-Snow Camp, NC

Sky is showing off her new Carolina Blue harness we used at the Ed Presnell/Gretchen Stephenson TDX Component training seminar we attended this past weekend. It was two days of intense tracking training for handlers and dogs, Sky and I were both mentally exhausted by the end, but learned so much (including knowing we can track in a horse/cow pasture and not get too distracted, and no, that bunny that jumped up 5 ft from our track was not put there to chase! I would recommend anyone desiring to go to advanced levels in tracking attend this seminar. We hope to have more pictures available from this weekend at a later date.
Two more participants, Merita and Talon, a lovely 3 yrs old GSD, and my friend and tracking partner, Margo with her very talented GSD bitch, Nikita.

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