Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big East Fork Hike Feb 2012

Our hiking buddy Susan took us on a 7.2 mi (round trip) hike up the Big East Fork to Greasy Cove Creek (don't you love the names here?). It was a wonderful sunny winter day and the creek is amazing, and full of trout!
I should not have gotten Sky in the water, the water temperature is cold, cold, cold, but I threw a small stick in the shallows and it sank, Sky being the good retriever she has become, swam all the way across the stream looking for something to bring back! I found a stick (that would float!) and threw it across near her, she picked it up and came back across with it, what a girl Sky! BTW, when you see a mountain creek with this green cast, you know it is freezing cold!

Our hiking buddy laid down her drink bottle to take some pics, and Sky being the neat nik she is decided to pick it up and carry it around. She was very gentle and returned it to hand after she got to run on the rocks with it for a bit. We were both tired after this longer than usual hike, if I walked 7.2 miles, she must have done 14. It is very true, a tired Weim is a good Weim!
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