Saturday, November 20, 2010

Max Patch wJanet and Eddie Nov 20, 2010

Max Patch is on National Forest Lands, and is open for hunting, thus the orange jackets on the dogs.
It was very windy on the top at Max Patch as you can tell from the flag and my pony tail lol! No matter the weather, this is always a wonderful walk, and we soon got off the "bald" and into the woods where it was lovely and warm.
Janet Wilde has been a friend for many years and was Sage's breeder. We have many lovely memories of our dogs and time past, and enjoyed making new ones today. Janet is pictured with her male, Eddie, who is a 2nd cousin once removed if we figured it out right to our Sage.
We came upon this couple rabbit hunting with their beagles (yes, that's a real cute gal with the gun on the left!). It was exciting when the dogs caught scent and another member of their party was able to bag the rabbit. The gun shots really got our dogs attention and they wanted to join the hunt, guess they remember being bred originally for fur and feather! As you can see, there really is a reason for us to have hunter orange on the dogs in this area, and ourselves for that matter.
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