Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday stroll at Lake Junaluska

Lake Junaluska is surrounded by private homes and the Methodist Church Conference Center. It is located just outside of Waynesville NC and has a marvelous 2.6 mi paved walking trail around it. The down side is dogs must remain on lead (except for photo ops of course, lol!), the upside is it is less than 10 mi from our home. We didn't have time this afternoon for a mountain hike, so enjoyed our stroll around the lake. The lake is named for Chief Junaluska of the Cherokee Indian tribe, who is famous for inventing a written form of their language to better preserve their history and communication.
This area is a great place to socialize young dogs and old. Always lots of folks out walking their dogs, pushing children in strollers, joggers, etc. And then of course there are the geese, ducks and swans to catch any good bird dogs interest! Sorry Sky, not your bird!
Wow, now that's a big dog! This doggy topiary caught Sky's eye today. They always have this neat bush trimmed and looking good, and change the "collar" for each season.
Sky had to have a quick pose by the rose bushes that have been protected from our recent freeze and frost. This is outside of the lovely stone chapel at the Lake. Many a new bride and all the seniors from the local high school get photographed here each spring at Prom, it makes a wonderful backdrop for woman and beast alike.
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