Saturday, March 17, 2012

hunt test weekend mar 10 12 Sandhills PBC

 The Sandhills Pointing Breed Club is constantly working to turn the property they own into a first class dog training/hunting facility.  They are well on their way and spend valuable time and dollars every year on improvements so bird dog owners will always have a place to see what our dogs do best!  Thank you SPBC members for all your hard work!
 Thats me on the horse on the back course, with Betta and Janie I believe running their dogs in Master.  Later Senior brace with Ozzie and his ES, Nip.  The dog establishes point, the gunners get ready on either side of the handler so a fair shot of the bird can be made.  Ozzie is moving in to flush the bird.  Nip must not move until the guns are fired.  We had great gunners at this test, pictured above on the left is Bobbi, not only is she a great shot, she judged the next days Hunt Test!
 Fellowship is the name of the game at hunt tests.  We were fortunate to have fabulous weather this weekend.  Participants, judges, workers and all enjoyed home made chilli, your choice of venison, quail or beef.  I ate the quail chilli, ummm ummm good!
 After the judging was over I got Sky out to give her a run in the field.  Betta had some of her pups there so after an introduction we turned them all out for a 30 min romp.  It was great for all concerned.
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