Thursday, March 29, 2012

Steve White Hard Surface Tracking Seminar 3/25/12

Sky and I attended a tracking seminar hosted by A Good Dog's Life in Asheville NC last Sunday.  Steve, who is from Washington state,  has a system for helping dogs keep their noses down and be successful in real life tracking situations (he trains police dogs), and also to assist with handler and dog teams in other tracking venues.

Here Sky and I are practicing a serpentine on hard surface using water to mark and assist in scenting and the use of very closely spaced food drops to keep the nose on the ground.  It is always good to attend seminars by various instructors to pick up tools for your training box.  I learned several things that I plan to incorporate into my training program, and would recommend anyone interested in tracking to attend a Steve White seminar if he is in your area. Steve was an entertaining and interesting speaker and there was lots of time for "hands on" practice.
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June said...

good job! I need to train June to NOT keep her nose to the ground BOL!