Sunday, August 19, 2012

Linda and Kelly Ann come South July 2012

Sky's breeder Linda Hartheimer brought her good friend Kelly Ann Kwiatek with her on her trip south this year. Actually, since Linda had to drive to Charleston to have Jam bred to Summit, Kelly Ann flew in to Asheville to stay with Joe and I and then traveled with me to Sanford NC for the Tarheel Weim Club agility trial. Will have pics of that later, these are from our first hiking trip together.

I decided the Flat Laurel Creek trail would be a good start, we had Sky and her full sister Mia with us (whose owner Michelle graciously sent down with Linda to show at the Greenville SC shows later in the week. Mia loved getting into the great outdoors, crossing creeks and running with her sister, Sky, and half sister, Savi. We stopped by Graveyard Fields to show Kelly Ann another great potential hike and the wonderful scenery
Since we were so close, stopped by the Devils Courthouse (aka Satan's Tower per Kelly Ann lol) and walked up to is, a short but steep trail. The view from on top is stunning, but dogs must be on lead as they seem to be drawn to jump on the retaining wall, with a sheer drop on all sides below it.

Sign for the Devils Courthouse

We didn't stay on top long since there were some thunderstorms brewing in the background, but took time for some photo's of the girls.

Had to stop and make our annual picture on the Blue Ridge Parkway. That is Mia (Sky's full sister from the Parker X Trixie litter) on the left, Savi (Clay X Trixie) and Sky on the right. It was fun meeting Mia for the first time, she is a beauty!
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Linda said...

What a wonderful time we had with you and Joe! Thank you again for your awesome hospitality & friendship! Never enough time to fit everything we want to do in. Glad I share all this with Kel!

June said...

Thanks to you and Joe both for all your hospitality, sharing your sweet pup (kisses to Sky Sky Sky), fun times and PEACH PIE! It was a really wonderful trip... one that I waited a whole year to be able to come on--so much fun it was well worth the wait! All the things we didnt get to do, we can save for our next trip :-)