Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tarheel Weim Club Agility July 2012

Trixie finished her AX title at the Weim Club agility trial in Sanford NC. Shown with Linda with just a little of her "loot". The Weim club offers special prizes for Weims who go high scoring and double Q, such as great Dokken retrieving dummies. Trixie (and Linda) were so kind and shared 2 retrieving toys with Sky, thank you girls!

Savi also made her agility debut at these trials. I don't have the pics Kelly Ann downloaded, so am posting some practice shots taken in my agility yard at home to show Savi's great jumping style. Savi also came home with her first agility titles! A great time was had by all at these trials.

Sky was also entered; however, while she did a fabulous job, she really needed to go to the "handler trade in tent", my performance could have been better. We are back in classes now and with regular practice to work on my timing, I am looking forward to our next set of trials over Labor Day weekend. Sky did complete her weaves on first attempt 3 of the 4 runs, this made the trial a huge success for us!
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