Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cabin Flats to Dark Ridge Trail Nov 2012

Susan is my hiking guide/guru/friend showing me some great walks in our beautiful mountains.  On Tuesday we had planned a walk off the Blue Ridge Parkway; however, the Parkway was closed due to ice so we dropped back and punted, walked at Cabin Flats but took a trail going toward the Parkway and Dark Ridge.  The views were awesome.

Sky and I

Looking toward the Blue Ridge Parkway, the tree on the right is covered with ice.  It was in the 40's where we walked, til we got into the north side shady area's, then we experienced the 30's, and could see why the ice was still on the trees up high!

With all that said, there were some warm protected area's where the Goldenrod was just in bloom!

Sky was so excited to see Rizzie and Bandit, they love seeing each other and getting to get out on the trail together.
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