Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colorado trip Sept 2012

Near LaJunta CO, this was a famous and well used trading post along the Santa Fe Trail

A welcome sight to pioneers, trappers and others traveling the plains.

Imagine traveling this country on horseback or in covered wagon!

My sis and I had to visit the Colorado Alligator Farm.  The alligators were first introduced as "garbage disposals" for the tilapia fish farm here.  The hot springs keep the water temps in the 80's, and the alligators thrive!  Pam and I are holding "Draco"

Guests actually pay extra for the fun of alligator wrestling.  They actually wade out into a pond and pull the gator out, then sit on it for the picture opp and for the staff to examine the gator for any cuts or bites that others may have inflicted.

Near Alamosa CO, the UFO viewing platform. . . always something fun to do when my sis and I travel together.

The Great Sand Dunes with the San Juans in the background.

View of the Great Sand Dunes, the San Juans the plains from the trail to Zapata Falls.

Visited the cemetary at Central City Colorado, a place we visited often when we were young and lived in Colorado.  It's fun to go back and see how places have changed, and how they have not.

There is a great animal sanctuary in Keenesburg CO that rescues large animals ( bears, wolves, tigers, panthers, lions, etc) from circuses, individual owners, etc.  It is well kept, all the animals look healthy and happy and have many acres to enjoy life on.

Two of my sis's Goldens out for an early morning romp with me.  It's nice to get my "dog" fix when I travel without Sky.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, guess it's true but it take a little practice to not be shaky on it, it's only been 35 years plus ha ha.
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