Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cabin Flats May 6 2012

Our dog statue at the house with summer time hat.

Sky and I had a wonderful 4 mi walk up at Cabin Flats today, it borders the Balsam Preserve, nice flat roadbeds and lots of water for the dogs to cool off in.  This particular little creek had a picnic table and cooking fire ring just on the other side, will make a perfect place to stop and relax and have a few bites at another time.

This is the old cabin along the trail, it is in a terrible state of disrepair, but someone is mowing around the apple trees that are in the meadows close by.  

This sign is actually on the Balsam Preserve side of the gate, but thought it would be a perfect photo opp!  We saw many lovely wildflowers on todays hike, along with a baby bird just testing it's wings, a lizard, and most exciting, Sky pointed a grouse at the edge of the trail and held her point until the grouse flushed!  I was so excited of course I failed to get a picture, but I am so proud of her holding on this wild bird! 
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Linda said...

Really enjoy reading & seeing these beautiful pics of your hiking adventures! Good girl Sky! Can't wait to visit this summer & go hiking with all of you!