Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mini Vacation in Brevard NC 5-17-12

Furman having a heart to heart with Sky about being a good dog and settling down.

Joe and Anne made "Dutch Babies" for breakfast, sort of like a popover, they were tasty!

Sky at the waterfall that feeds the lake at Sequoyah Woods, the neighborhood Furman and Anne live in. The funny story was Anne taping trying to get Sky to stand still for the photo and my frustration after the 4th time she moved. But I think the result was worth the effort lol!

The fish trying to get away, he was still on the line with the fly in his mouth, so it was an unsuccessful attempt. Had he only known that Joe is a "catch and release" fisherman, he could have saved himself the effort.

Very nice Rainbow Trout

A perfect day at the lake!

Sky enjoying a snooze on the deck at the Owen's home, she loves the sun.

Anne and Sky hanging out on their glider, after a fun day walking and at the lake

On the way home we stopped to get a picture of Sky on the sway bridge on trail behind Pisgah forest ranger station. She had no problem with the bridge swaying while she trotted over it. good girl Sky!

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