Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fork Mtn Ridge Trail, May 20 2012

This region is known for the diversity of plants and wildlife.  We came across some Pink Lady Slippers on our hike last Sunday, as well as some Painted Trillium.  

Susan and Bandit, taking some great photo's (like the one above).  This was new hike to me, and one I will do again (Linda, you'll like this one too!)
Rizzie, Sky and I enjoying the scenery.  This area is above 5000 ft, and was comfortable in the 60's to low 70's.  I made the mistake of forgetting sunscreen though and am paying for it now with peeling skin.

As you can see, parts of the trail were a bit overgrown, not many people use this trail even though it opens up to some beautiful meadows and follows along an old rail bed into the location of a logging camp that was very active in the early 1900's. 

Yes, there really is a trail in here!  If we had a difficult time spotting it, we just followed the dogs, they were always right!  We walked about 6 miles this day.
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